Transitions, Change and Healing.

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Every life transition asks us to let go of a past way of thinking or doing. By doing so, we are given the opportunity to replace the old way of being with something new..
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My goal is to help individuals develop and/or become aware of and use their own abilities to work out their problems and find joy in their lives. I bring to this process training, education, skills, intuition and a belief that each person has the natural ability to change and heal.
Not therapy, self-healing
My treatment approach is to provide support and understanding to my clients. To help clients in a warm, empathetic and non-judgmental manner resolve current problems or long standing patterns that are preventing them from enjoying what life has to offer.
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Having Janaki’s support through a really terrible divorce and life transition meant the world to me. Her compassion, her lending hand, her strong sense of self and her ear are her greatest assets. She helped me turn my life around.

Janaki’s ear is more valuable than I could ever say!

We love to hear from our clients, especially after we’ve completed stellar work. Take a moment and read some raves from some of our clients. Remember, this could be you, happy as a pig in the mud! Go on, give us a try!

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